2019 CWL Championship BO4

We will be competing in the 2019 Call of Duty World Championship

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RBL isn't just an Esports Organization, it's a lifestyle. We want everyone to be able to live that lifestyle with the RBL Branded Apparel, now available for sale.



Founded in 2019, the story of RBL Esports is a story of too many things going wrong that are accepted as going right. What started as a sponsorship opportunity grew into a leading esports and lifestyle organization. Regardless of when and where, the history of esports is littered with poor health, short careers and substance abuse. We're here to put a stop to the separation of real life and being an esports athlete. We're here to share the lifestyle of RBL with the excitement, culture and triumph that comes with being an esports athlete. Currently RBL Esports operates at the highest level of esports, being represented across #THERBLN in Call of Duty (CWL), Batallion 1944, Fortnite Battle Royal and League of Legends. In addition to the competitive rosters, #THERBLN is also a collection of content creators, streamers and influencers which help share #THERBLN with as many as possible.

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